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Best Practices for Participants

Below are sport specific guidelines to help you make an informed decision regarding the suitability of activities that you may wish to participate. They include hiking, cycling, paddling and cross country skiing and snowshoeing. 


Hiking Descriptions

: 3 km/hr or less
Moderate: 3-4 km/hr
Fast: 4-5km/hr
All paces are average and depending on the terrain. 

: mostly flat and usually good footing (i.e. rail trails, Confederation Park, Bay Front Park)
Moderate: some hills and/or poor footing (Bruce Trail, Dundas Valley, etc)
Challenging: steep hills and strenuous footing (Bruce Trail, some trails in Short Hills, Dundas Valley and Red Hill Valley)

Please note variations can be expected with weather conditions. 


Ride Types and Descriptions

Level 1 - Short, more leisurely rides, (20-40km), with more frequent stops, up to 15 km/hr.
Level 2 - Medium, faster paced, with fewer breaks, these rides will vary from 40-60km with stops as needed, up to 18 km/hr.

Level 3 - Long, with breaks as needed, these rides are over 60km, more than 18 km/hr.

Discovery Rides – Essentially scouting trips to check out area trails or sections that the club has not done before. The nature of these rides is such that we encourage only experienced riders to come out as the condition of the trails and/or the distances to be covered may not be definitive. Riders should come fully prepared with tire changing kits, tubes & pumps.


Paddling Trip Grading System


Grade A - Beginner
Grade B - Comfortable Beginner
Grade C - Intermediate
Grade D - Comfortable Intermediate

We have developed a trip grading system that will help you make a more informed decision about whether to book a trip. It will help you understand what conditions on the water may look like and what skills will be required for such trips.  Please note that a trip rating may be upgraded on the day of a paddle based on the conditions caused by the weather on the day of the paddle and a trip grade may be upgrade.

Volunteer Trip Leaders have the right to refuse anyone who they think does not have the proper skill level or equipment for their trip. May ask for an in-person assessment with Volunteer Trip Leaders prior to participating in any trips.

ski and Snowshoe

Ski Proficiencies

2020-2021-Ski Doc Profiencies.pdf

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