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General Club Information

Board of Directors - See who is on the board of directors in our club and how to contact them

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) Documents - Documents from our annual meeting. All all club members are invited.

Club Forums

Member to Member Forum - A place where you can post a general message, ask a question or make a comment to other club members.

Members' Marketplace - Sell items to other members, usually gear

Ski and Snowshoe Forum - Discuss all things that have to do with cross country skiing and snowshoeing, including our trips

Hiking Forum - Discuss all things that have to do with hiking, including our trips

Paddling Forum - Discuss all things that have to do with paddling, including our trips

Cycling Forum - Formerly "Trail Riders" and "Road Tourers" forum. Discuss all things that have to do with trail cycling, including our trips. Please note that this is not a mountain biking forum, which is not an activity we do in our club.

Photo Gallery

Club Members Photo Gallery - Share your images of club activities with other club members

Trip Leading Resources

Trip Leading Resources is now on it's own separate webpage.  Main Menu > Members > Trip Leading or click here

Board of Directors Only

Board Members Forum - A place where board members plan and organize all the wonderful things that happen in our club 

Resources for Board Members - Resources for board members only

Related Links (No Login Necessary)

Extended Trips - This is a list of club trips with a minimum of one overnight stay.  Sorry, no guests are allowed. You must be a club member to attend.

Retailer Discounts for Club Members - A list of retailers who offer our club members a discount

  The Halton Outdoor Club Facebook Page- Our public page. Don't forget to like us!

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