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About Cycling

The Halton Outdoor Club recognizes that riding with others is both more enjoyable and safer than riding alone. The Club currently offers both a trail riding program & a road cycling program. Trail cyclists look for trails dedicated to non-vehicular traffic. Our trail cycling is not to be confused with mountain biking where the terrain is often challenging and rugged; we prefer a gentler trail, usually along the area's rail trails. These trail rides mostly take place in Hamilton, Niagara, Brantford or Caledon.  The road cycling program is for those cyclists that like a higher speed & takes place on quieter roads in the Hamilton, Brantford area.

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Day Trips

Our day trips are free; you provide the bike and the leg power and we supply the routes and the leaders. The cycling schedule is shown on the Club's website. The Events Calendar gives a description of the ride, including the riding surface, the terrain and the distance and specifies the meeting time and place for each ride, with a GPS map attached. At the beginning of each ride, leaders will indicate points of interest on the ride, as well as any areas requiring caution.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced rider, there will always be someone to ride with and usually various distances from which to choose. The rides usually cover 20 to 60  or more kms. The shorter distances are Level 1, more for beginners, while distances of 35 kms or more are Level 2, for more experienced riders up to 60 kms, Level 3 are for those riders who want a challenge and want to go distances of over 60 kms or road rides with speeds of over 20 km/hr.

If possible we will provide a "sweep" for the ride to help keep the group together, provide assistance to riders in the event of problems and to prevent anyone being left behind.


Helmets are mandatory on all rides. We follow traffic regulations, we never race and we ride single file rather than in a tight pack. Cyclists are encouraged to learn how to fix a flat tire and to bring the equipment required to make simple repairs. Riders should also bring plenty of water and energy snacks on each ride. Each cycling day trip offers a lunch stop, and an optional "treat" stop at the end of the trip. During these social occasions you can often learn more about cycling equipment, local cycling routes and other cycling tips.

Extended Trips

During the summer months the Club offers some extended trips to various locations in Canada, the US, and occasionally Europe.

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