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The Halton Outdoor Club is a registered, not-for-profit, primarily volunteer-run organization formed in 1973 under the name The Halton Cross Country Ski Club.  In the early eighties, cycling was added as a way for members to stay active and involved in the “off-season.” Hiking and paddling were added in the nineties, which led to the name being changed to The Halton Outdoor Club in 2000 to more accurately describe what the Club offered. In the early years of the Club, family membership was the norm and training programs for children were common. However, over the ensuing decades, the number of young families in the Club declined. As a result, the Club now focuses on providing opportunities for adults of all ages to be active and energized year-round by participating in cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, cycling, paddling and hiking. Some members focus on one sport, but many participate in several. Some do them all!

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