Bus Procedures

Bus Procedures (PDF) 2023-2024

Ski & Snowshoe Season Schedule

Ski & Snowshoe Schedule (PDF) 2023-2024

General Information

All About Day Trips (PDF) 2023-2024

Good to Know (PDF) 2023-2024

Bus Pickup Locations

Bus Pickup Locations - Where the bus coach picks  you up in Burlington and Oakville when attending a day trip

Ski and Snowshoe Trips:
Information, Destinations, Registration

Ski and Snowshoe Destination Descriptions (PDF) - Descriptions of the 8 destinations that we visit

2022-2023 Schedule by Destinations - If you like a particular destination to go skiing and snowshoeing, we've organized all the trips according to the 8 destinations that we visit. You may register from here too!

Register for Upcoming Ski and Snowshoe
Day Trips Here

Lesson Information

All About Ski Lessons (PDF) 2023-2024

Ski Proficiencies (PDF) 2020-2021

Register for Upcoming Level 1
Ski Lessons For Beginners Here

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Register for Upcoming Level 2 and 3
Ski Clinics Here

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