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Event FRequently Asked Questions

Download the FAQ document to see the answers to the following questions:

  1. Why can't the ski bus start its route in Hamilton?
  2. Why aren't there more mid-week trips?
  3. Why doesn't the club canoe or paddle board or downhill ski?
  4. Is carpooling available?
  5. Why can't there be more sightseeing activities in the extended trips? 
  6. Why are the trail rides (ski days) so long? Why are the trail rides (ski days) so short?
  7. Can I bring a friend? Can I bring my son/daughter along? 
  8. We always seem to go to the same places. Can you add more variety in the destinations?
  9. Why  does the quality of the buses seem poor?
  10. What do my membership fees cover?
  11. What extended trips has the club done in the past?
  12. Why do some of the extended trips seem to be full before they are even posted?
  13. Why do I have to pay $25 to resister for a club extended trip?
  14. Why does the club use a travel agent?
  15. Why aren't there any social events associated with day trips?
  16. Why does it take so long to take a trip from concept to approval?
  17. Why can’t I just show up at the bus stop if I decide at the last minute to go skiing?
  18. I would like to lead trips my but I don't feel confident - what if something goes wrong?
  19. I have an idea of a trip and would like to volunteer to lead a trip: Who do I contact to begin the process?
  20. What is the process to lead a trip?
  21. Are trip leaders paid?
  22. What skills or certifications do I need to leader? 
  23. I haven’t lead a trip before, if there someone who could help me in coordination and co-lead with me?
  24. What are the risks and liabilities of leading a trip?
  25. Does the club support leadership development? How does this work?
  26. Are there leadership orientation workshops that I would be able to participate in if I’m interesting in leading a trip?
  27. Is there a planning template tool that would help me draft a trip idea?

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