Due to the extension of the provincewide stay-at-home order all HOC in-person events have been cancelled until May 20th

About Paddling

Experience adventures on the water with like-minded paddlers. Paddlers of all levels are welcome. The Club begins the season with a focus on safety, offering a variety of introductory and refresher safety and rescue courses. Paddle Canada Instructors provide the courses to help paddlers learn and improve at any skill level. From the first- time paddler to the more experienced paddler, the Club offers opportunities to learn and practise throughout the season. Then we go have some fun on the water.

Club paddles include local day trips to the Grand River, Guelph Lake, Lake Muskoka, Waubaushene, Lake Ontario, Lake Erie and Georgian Bay. Weekend and extended trips take paddlers to such locations as Franklin Islands, Whales Back, Benjamin Islands, Lake Superior and Frontenac Provincial Park to name a few. Some of our day and weekend trips utilize the resources of outfitters who provide rental kayaks and equipment so you don't always need to own a kayak to get involved. There are regular Club workshops and social paddles where we learn from each other. Workshop topics may include water safety guidelines, paddle strokes, rescues, wilderness trip packing, navigation and much more. Many of our paddlers also participate in various kayak symposiums around the country.

Don't paddle alone. Share your paddle in the safe and friendly group environment the Club provides.

Paddling is Magic, Come join us

  • We are all here to have fun, be safe and learn from each other.
  • We are all volunteer trip leaders who enjoy organizing and sharing our experiences.
  • We ask that you have the proper kayak, safety equipment, training, skill level required for the various trips and courses.

Recreational Kayak Program - New This Season!

Do you own a recreational kayak? We are inviting people who own recreational kayaks to join us on the water. The Halton Outdoor Club is a great place to meet a safety conscious and collegial group of paddlers. By paddling with our club, you’ll meet a fun group of people who love the sport. We hope you will too!

Traditionally the paddling experience for the Halton Outdoor Club has been for sea kayaks only - typically longer kayaks with 2 sealed compartments, one in the front and one in the back. Typically the starting point for many people is a recreational kayak to test the waters, figuratively and literally. Some stay with such a kayak and others move on to paddling a sea kayak for paddling longer distances and in a wide variety of locations, which entails learning how to cope with conditions like wind and waves. A touring kayak makes it easier and safer. Part of the lure of sea kayaking is all the possible bodies of water that you can go on - rivers, streams, lakes, oceans.

We are opening some paddling trips to be recreational kayak friendly. Paddling in safe conditions is what determines this decision. Come and “sea” why we love kayaking.

Safety Requirements

  • Proper kayak for the conditions of the paddle. Double bulk heads mandatory.
  • Proper clothing for air and water temperature. Never wear cotton on the water. Wet suit and dry suit based on water temperature recommended.
  • Proper fitting PFD worn at all times.
  • Proper safety devices required by law: whistle, bailer/pump, paddle, buoyant heaving line.
  • In order to paddle with Club on car camping wilderness or extended trips, you must have completed a wet exit, self-rescue, assisted rescue in current season.


The Halton Outdoor Club welcomes all levels of paddlers but especially beginners. Our goal is to make it easy for a new paddler to get started. We offer lessons in both the pool (April) and lake (June) with all equipment included. There are easy day trips that follow when rentals are available. In addition, we offer dryland and water workshops (May-June) to share and practice with other club members. Whatever you’re level of experience, we are happy to have you join us. Check the events calendar for more details and to register. 


The Halton Outdoor Club provides several trip formats based on Paddle Canada Skill Level, wave and wind, pace and endurance. Volunteer trip leaders have the right to refuse anyone who they think does not have the proper skill level or equipment required for their trip. Please check with the volunteer trip leader if you have any questions. Check the events calendar for more trip details and to register. 

Day Trips

Throughout the paddling season, we offer day trips that are within 2 hours drive time of the Halton Region. Every outing has a volunteer trip leader and a detailed paddling plan. Check the events calendar for the schedule and to register. 

Car Camping Trips

We offer weekend car camping trips through-out Ontario during the season. We book a camp site on an inland lake, paddle for the weekend and enjoy each other’s company. Check the events calendar for the schedule and to register. 

Wilderness Camping Trips

We offer wilderness paddling trips throughout the season. This is usually on open water, waves and wind conditions are considered. Paddle up to 20 kms per day based on conditions. Certified Outfitters may be used to guides. Check the events calendar for more details and to register.

Extended Trips

Halton Outdoor Club will offer extended out of province and country throughout the year. This is guided by a certified Outfitter, normally 5-7 days either in the back country or coastal areas. Check the events calendar for more details and to register.

Paddling Committee

As part of the Halton Outdoor Club (HOC) paddling community, we formed a Paddling Committee consisting of volunteers who want to make an impactful contribution to the HOC.

Our mission is to create a positive, safe, respectful, inclusive paddling community for novice, beginner and intermediate paddlers.

Our vision is to grow the Halton Outdoor Paddling Community by providing a respectful and encouraging environment where we develop our paddling skills, respect the environment and nurture each other resulting in a positive paddling experience.

Our values are safety, respect, inclusiveness which enable us to offer the best member experience while paddling with HOC.

We are open to comments and suggestions. The paddling committee consists of Paul Humber, Ed Brunato, Sandy Nay,  Anne Marchildon and Mike Eaton. We meet once a month for the purpose of coordinating and planning meaningful paddling experiences for our Halton Outdoor Club members.

Paddling Committee Meeting Minutes

Club members can find the business of our meetings by logging into the the website and clicking here.

Paddling Season Schedule

Online Paddling Schedule (Tentative) - This calendar is for organizing and planning paddling trips for the season.  Events become official when they are active on the club's events calendar. (They can also be found in the Paddling Events list below.)  Keep in mind that we sometimes overlap wilderness camping trips, car camping trips and day trips.  If you have a trip in mind, be sure to contact our paddling director!

Paddling Events

Active paddling events can be found on the club calendar or list here below. If you wish to bookmark the paddling events on it's own webpage, click here. By clicking on an event you will find all trip information and the opportunity to register for our paddling events!

Safety Guidelines for Paddling During COVID-19

Guidelines for Safe Paddling During COVID-19 (PDF)

HOC Trip Grading System for Conditions

We endeavor to have everyone on paddling excursions remain safe and to make informed decisions regarding the suitability of trips. As such we have adopted a trip grading system based on the typical conditions that one may face on any trip.  Continency plans are at the discretion of the volunteer trip leader when conditions deviate from what was previously expected.  


Day Trips

Lessons, Workshops, Pool Sessions

Car Camping

Wilderness Camping

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Paddling Locations (PDF) - this is a small library of paddling locations within our region. While we have worked to ensure it's accuracy, it cannot be guaranteed.

Paddling Day Trip Planner (PDF) - Please note that this is not the actual spreadsheet of the planner, but a tool to start the planning details.

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