Paddling Minks and McCoys Wilderness Trip

  • 10 Aug 2023
  • 14 Aug 2023
  • Dillon Cove Marina & Resort 1 Parker Lane, Nobel
  • 5


  • Registration opens 8 weeks before the event

Registration is closed
Paddling Title Minks and McCoys Wilderness Trip
Type of Trip Wilderness Trip
Date(s) August 10 to August 14
Registration Opens Wilderness camping - 8 weeks before the trip start date
Registration Opens on this date (at 12:00 am) June, 15, 2023
Name of Volunteer Trip Leader(s) Anne Marchildon, Sandy Nay, Lise Sorensen
Email of Volunteer Trip Leaders(s),,
Trip Address Dillon Cove Marina & Resort
1 Parker Lane, Nobel On. P0G 1G0
Google Map Location of Parking
Body of Water Georgian Bay
Is this a scouting trip? No
Paddling Vessels Permitted Recreational kayaks not permitted
Boat Launch Location Dillon Boat Launch
259 Dillon Rd #257, Township Of Carling, ON P0G 1G0
Arrival Time Before Launch 9:00 AM
Launch Time (On the Water Time, Sitting in Cockpit) 10:00 AM
Maximum number of paddlers including leader(s) 8
Boat Rental Available No
Bathroom Facilities Portable Washroom at Boat Launch. Resort washroom for guests only.
Trip Safety Requirements, What to Bring PFDs must be worn at all times while in your kayak;
A sprayskirt is required unless otherwise specified as a rec boat paddle;
Transport Canada requirements for equipment is also a HOC trip requirement: 15m of buoyant heaving tow line, sound signal device, bailing device, watertight light for ½ hour before sunset or ½ hour after dawn;
Wet exit practice (formally called wet exit lesson) within the last 12 months in the current kayak that you are using for a trip;
Kayak with sealed fore and aft bulkhead compartments unless specified as a rec boat paddle;
A minimum of one spare paddle per 2 participants
Please note the club does not provide equipment. If rentals are noted above, it is at the expense of the club member. Please read the details.
HOC Trip Rating Grade C (Intermediate)
(* in those conditions)
Grade C (Intermediate) Confident forward stroke; Confident reverse stroke; Confident turning strokes; Comfortable with performing an assisted rescue as a swimmer and rescuer *; Comfortable self rescue *; Able to tow another paddler *
Wind Grade C (Intermediate) Moderate 20-25 kms/hour
Waves, Breaking Waves, Swell Grade C (Intermediate) Waves to 3 feet; Breaking waves to 2' (Waves to paddle tops; some whitecaps; waves becoming longer)
Current Grade B (Comfortable Beginner) Mild currents; Up to 2-3 kms/hour
Open Crossings Grade D (Comfortable Intermediate) More than 3 kms
Landing Type Grade C (Intermediate) Steeper slope; narrower landing zone; rocky; slippery; OR Docks
Landing Frequency Grade C (Intermediate) No more than 5 kms between landings
Total Distance Per Day Grade C (Intermediate) Up to 20 kms
(Please read the Trip Rating details.)
HOC Paddling Trip Rating Tool
After Paddle Leisure Time
Go to Restaurant After Paddle No
Trip Cost $0.00
Trip Cancellation Policy To cancel your trip at any point, you must email the Club Manager:
Additional Trip Details Participants responsible for their own food/cooking & garbage.
Shared dish/hand washing station, filtered water, group kitchen area/sitting area tarp etc.
Group meeting approximately 2 weeks prior to start date.

Parking is not included. Website indicates $10 per DAY (not night).
Cash required - deposit cash in envelope with License Plate on the outside.

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