The Kayak Rodeo

A weekend filled with lessons and workshops presented by

The Halton Outdoor Club

Date: Saturday June 26 - Sunday June 27, 2021

Open to all Halton Outdoor Club Members

Open to all level of paddlers, whether you are new to kayaking and want to learn more or refreshing your kayaking skills.
 This is a great event to learn all about kayaking, car and wilderness camping, trip planning and more. 

Fun-Meet New Fellow Paddlers-Social BBQ 

Location: Guelph Conservation Lake, 7743 Conservation Road, Guelph

Arrive: 8:30am, course begins 9:00am sharp each day

Weekend Includes:

  • Lessons: Basic Kayaking Skills offered

  • Lessons: Intermediate Kayaking Skills offered

  • Workshops offered include tarps & knots, navigation, intro to camping, trip planning, camp cooking & more 

  • Kayak & Safety Gear (additional $21) or bring your own kayak and gear ( just let us know)

  • Food: Must bring own lunch, snacks, water 

  • Catered BBQ Saturday night

  • Mix and Mingle camp fire Saturday night 

  • Access to full pavilion

  • Access to hot outdoor showers and restrooms


Does not include: park entrance fee or camping 

Lessons offered Saturday and Sunday. Begin 9:00am sharp, finished 3:30pm.

Paddle Canada Certified Instructors provided by Ontario Sea Kayak Centre.

Workshops are instructed by fellow Halton Outdoor Club Paddlers. 

  • Lesson Descriptions:


  • Part One - Saturday

  • In this session we will introduce you to all the parts of a kayak, all the required safety gear you need before heading out on the water, and all the gear you need to make it a comfortable experience. We will cover appropriate clothing options, footwear options, basic recommended gear such as a paddle float and safety stirrup, and then all the little extras based on where you are paddling and for how long. We’ll share tips to help you outfit your kayak so you can hold onto your favourite items like your camera and water bottle. We’ll also give you a quick buyer’s guide to kayaking, different types of kayaks and the materials they are made of, as well as different types of paddles. We’ll show you how to wear your pfd properly, adjust foot pegs and seats and hold the paddle correctly. 

  • Once we are all set, we will head out on the water and get a feel for the kayak. We will go over the correct way to get into a kayak and launch it from the beach. The first thing we’ll teach you is how to hold your body correctly in the kayak so you don’t fall in! We’ll then go over the basic strokes. Forward and reverse sweeps, then combine them to perform a pivot turn. We will also work on the correct mechanics of a forward stroke and how to reverse and stop your kayak.

  • Part Two - Sunday

  • In part two we will meet out on the water immediately so everyone should now know how to get in and out of their kayak and adjust the foot pegs and seat for themselves. We will demonstrate a wet exit, with and without a skirt. We’ll then go over the basic rescue that everyone needs to know before joining the Halton Outdoors Club on any paddle and that is an assisted rescue. Once we’ve demonstrated, we will all head to shore and you will begin your first wet exits. When you are first performing a wet exit, our instructors will stand beside you and go over the steps individually. As your comfort level increases, you can then pair up and work on the assisted rescues together with our instructors monitoring your rescues. If we have time at the end of the session we will start to play with edging and we will cover the low brace which is essential to stop you from tipping and even needing a rescue in the first place!


  • Part One - Saturday

  • The intermediate skills sessions are for paddlers who have either completed their level one skills or have equivalent skills. We will begin the session with a quick review of launching and landing skills and a wet exit. Once we have seen everyone complete a wet exit, it’s time to play. We’ll begin with an intensive strokes review class exploring using edging to complete more effective turning of your kayak. We’ll then learn a few level two strokes such as the bow rudder and hanging draw. We’ll spend time really dialing in everyone’s low brace and playing with low brace turns which are needed in the current, but are also fun to do and look really cool. So this session will be all about blending strokes together to have more fun in your kayak and become a more effective paddler.

  • Part Two - Sunday

  • Having an effective forward stroke is perhaps one of the most important skills to have when going on a longer day trip or on a multi-day kayaking trip. We’ll begin this session with a dry land demo where we will provide one on one coaching to correct or improve your forward stroke. We’ll then head out and discuss how and when to edge your kayak on a windy day and how to use it with the forward stroke effectively. 

  • We’ll then get into a rescue bonanza beginning with a review of the assisted rescue and playing with alternative ways to help someone back into their kayak. Once everyone is back in again, we’ll work on our self-rescues, with and without a stirrup. We also play with the scramble rescue and techniques and tricks to use to make it available to you.

Cost: $228 via credit card.

Additional $21 cost for kayak rental.

Spots: 48 paddlers max for this course. A wait list will be started if need be.

Registration opens March 5, 2021 

Cancellation Policy: You may cancel your trip and expect a full refund, minus a $25.00 processing fee, up until June 5, 2021. After that date, you will be responsible for any costs that the Club incurs on your behalf. Refunds will be made via credit card.

Contact with questions 

What to bring:

  • Paddle clothes (avoid cotton)
  • Rain jacket/pants/umbrella
  • Bug spray, sun care lotion
  • Hat
  • Camp/beach chair
  • Paddle, PFD, whistle, pump, float
  • Paddling clothes, swim suit, beach towel 
  • Personal clothes 
  • Food: lunches, snacks, water

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