Saturday July 4, 2020  10am-2pm

Binbrook Conservation Area

What is this day about, besides having fun?

This day is all about helping owners of recreational kayaks learn about sea kayaks

We can play and paddle together in a small lake environment

We will introduce you to the Halton Outdoor Club and the varied kayaking opportunities we provide

We can demonstrate how to wet exit and self rescues

We will talk about the difference between a rec kayak and a sea kayak

We will provide opportunies to try members sea kayaks

Things you MUST HAVE!

Kayak, either a sit on top or sit in kayak




Buoyant heaving line

Bailer or pump

Recommended equipment

A bathing suit, wet suit or clothes for immersion. You will be getting wet if you want to practice rescues.

Kayak skirt if you have one

Sunglasses with tether

Waterproof sunscreen

Hat with chinstrap

Water and lunch/snacks

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