THE Halton outdoor club Newsletter

The Halton Outdoor Club News is published 4 times a year - March, June, September, and  November.  Members receive an email notification when a new issue has been published. 

For past issues, log into our website and click Newsletter Archives

We have gone electronic! The final print edition of The Halton Outdoor Club News was mailed out September of 2015. 

We encourage all members to submit articles about recent trip experiences. The intention of which is to promote club spirit and fellowship.

Please submit articles for the newsletter to:

Newsletter Publication Schedule

Directors *
Deadline for
Publication Date
Paddling Director  February 12  March 5
Cycling Director  May 12  June 5
Hiking Director  August  12  September 5
Skiing Director  October 12  November 5

* Directors are asked to submit a minimum of one article in the issue indicated. In addition, they are most welcome to submit articles in all four issues!

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