Paddling A-1 Massassauga Jul 20-22 2019

  • 20 Jul 2019
  • 22 Jul 2019
  • Massassauga Provincial Park
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  • Registration opens April 1, 2019

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Short Break - 2 nights

This one is for Novice wilderness campers only. 

A perfect introduction to kayak camping with our highly regarded gourmet camp chef!

A weekend of semi-wilderness camping in Massassauga Provincial Park, a water access only park on Georgian Bay. 

Trip Leader:  Jim McConachie

    Registration opens Apr 1 2019

    This paddle is rated as: A-1

    Pace and Endurance for Kayaking:

    A: Not Strenuous - Daily paddling typically less than 3 hours, with distances of 5 kilometers or less.

    B: Moderately Strenuous - Daily paddling typically between 3 and 5 hours, with distances of 5 to 20 kilometers.

    C: Strenuous - Daily paddling typically more than 5 hours, with distances of 20 kilometers or more.

    Skill Requirements for Kayaking

    0 Beginner – No experience required

    1 Novice - Requires basic paddling skills, practiced wet exits. Expect protected waters, easy landings and shelter for resting.

    2 Intermediate - Requires basic paddling skills including ability to brace, self-rescue, and participate in assisted rescue. Be comfortable in 1 meter waves. Mostly protected waters, some difficult landings, and some sheltered spots for resting.

    3 Experienced - Requires advanced paddling, seamanship and rescue skills. Ability to handle waves greater than 1 meter. Expect exposed waters, open crossings, moderate to strong windsurf, fog and potentially difficult landings. Sheltered resting and landing spots could be few.



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