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General Club Information

Board of Directors - See who is on the board of directors in our club and how to contact them

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) Documents - Documents from our annual meeting. All all club members are invited.

Club Forums

Member to Member Forum - A place where you can post a general message, ask a question or make a comment to other club members.

Members' Marketplace - Sell items to other members, usually gear

Ski and Snowshoe Forum - Discuss all things that have to do with cross country skiing and snowshoeing, including our trips

Hiking Forum - Discuss all things that have to do with hiking, including our trips

Paddling Forum - Discuss all things that have to do with paddling, including our trips

Cycling Forum - Formerly "Trail Riders" and "Road Tourers" forum. Discuss all things that have to do with trail cycling, including our trips. Please note that this is not a mountain biking forum, which is not an activity we do in our club.

Photo Gallery

Club Members Photo Gallery - Share your images of club activities with other club members

Trip Leading Resources

Our club cannot run without your help. Benefit from the wealth of experience of our club members who have gone before us in planning and leading trips.

We Need You As a Leader Document - A document about 'What's in it for you', Key Facts, Roles and Responsibilities

Planning and Leading Trips - This includes waiver forms, a trip leader's handbook and information about leading major trips

Best Practices for HOC Activities Document - A document of things you need to know to plan and lead a trip

Newsletter Archives

Newsletter Archives - Find archived newsletters and "Updaters" 

Board of Directors Only

Board Members Forum - A place where board members plan and organize all the wonderful things that happen in our club 

Resources for Board Members - Resources for board members only

Related Links (No Login Necessary)

What is an updater? - Find out more about club "Updaters"

Extended Trips - This is a list of club trips with a minimum of one overnight stay.  Sorry, no guests are allowed. You must be a club member to attend.

Latest Edition of Our Newsletters - This will take you to our newsletter page, which is available to the general public

Retailer Discounts for Club Members - A list of retailers who offer our club members a discount

  The Halton Outdoor Club Facebook Page- Our public page. Don't forget to like us!

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