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About Hiking

The Halton Outdoor Club offers an extensive hiking program, to a variety of destinations with options for various levels of hikers. Hiking is a year round activity in the Halton Outdoor Club. We aim to get groups of people to actively explore destinations near and far, on foot.

Local Day Hikes

Our day hiking schedule is produced with the kind cooperation of the Iroquoia Bruce Trail Club.  The hikes you see in our schedule on the website or in our newsletter are led by volunteer members of the Halton Outdoor Club and constitute our day hiking program. They are also part of the much larger program of hikes offered by the Iroquoia Bruce Trail Club , which is part of the Bruce Trail Conservancy (BTC). You don’t need to be a member of BTC to access our hikes, but you do need to be a member of BTC to access all the other BTC hikes. We encourage people to belong to both organizations for the best hike experience in Southern Ontario. Local day hikes are free of charge unless a fee is required to enter a Conservation Area in order to access a trail.

Bus Day Hikes

The club specializes in days out where a bus is hired to take hikers to destinations such as Niagara, Caledon or even further. We go to the some of the best places in Southern Ontario. A modest fee is charged to pay for the bus transportation. We try to see that both moderate and experienced hikers enjoy themselves so there will be a long and a short hike. If there are a lot of bookings we will run a medium hike as well. Bring a lunch and water or drinks with you as well as boots, rainwear, bug repellent and sunscreen as appropriate.

We often go for a drink or a meal after we get back to Burlington. If you can join us, it’s a nice way to finish off the day.

Short Breaks 2-5 days

The club offers Hiking Holidays for all abilities. Nice hotels and travel by luxury coach is the norm. We go to places such as Killarney, Ottawa, Pennsylvania, and the Finger Lakes. We hike on regional trails, State Parks and Provincial Parks.  The cost of these trips is very competitive. There is a ‘first come first serve’ sign up process for these trips which is outlined in the newsletter.

Extended Trips

If adventure travel is your style, The Halton Outdoor Club offers club trips to international destinations. For example, the club has traveled to Great Britain, The Grand Canyon, China, Italy and more. These trips are organized by experienced club members where the hikes are well researched and led by our own members or by professional guides.

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